MONA FOMA SOMA is a collaboration between University of Tasmania Architecture & Design and MONA FOMA. It explores common interests in the role of design in extending participation and engagement in cultural events in Tasmania. The project used conceptual explorations framing the city as an auditory environment and performance space to inform a two-week Learning-By-Making elective in which students designed, prototyped and fabricated the mobile recording booth and stage.

MONA FOMA SOMA resolves a complex set of functional requirements and ethical commitments into a deceptively simple work of small project architecture. Throughout a series of pop-up events during MONA FOMA 2019, performers and audience gave unanimously glowing feedback. Festival Curator Brian Ritchie describes the project as “a perfectly successful collaboration”.

Plans are in place for MONA FOMA SOMA to play an ongoing role in local community events, and for UTAS and MONA FOMA to extend their collaboration into the future.



University of Tasmania in Association with Pulp Studio

Practice Team

Peter Booth – Project Architect
Martin Bignell – Studio Leader
Ceridwen Owen – Project Architect
Andrew Steen – Studio Leader
Alex Brown – Studio Leader
David Crisp – Student
Marion Dunbabin – Student
Jhonty Finnen – Student
Tim Halligan – Student
Mia Kealy – Student
Jeremy Lucas – Student
Fraser McDade – Student
Jin Ong – Student
Mitch Roberts – Student
Christiane Smethurst – Student
Elissa Stapleton – Student
Wan Juan Tan – Student
Eli White – Student
Cheryl Yeo – Student
Yun Hi Yi – Student

Luke Wren Reid – Photographer