SONA President – Troy Borg


Ask yourself what has been working well for you? 

  • Have you been staying on top of your assignments, maintaining healthy relationships and keeping up with paying your bills by the due date?
  • Have you attended any of the first SONA events in your state?
  • How many people have answered yes I’m on top of everything and super organised?

For most of us that is only but a dream, architecture studies aren’t supposed to consume your entire being, so now as we start refining our routines for the second quarter, I ask you to evaluate where you allocate your time?

Have you been utilising all the benefits that come with being a member of SONA?

  • SONA provides a network that can lead you to your first work experience placement, open up opportunities for you to be involved at many architecture events, it can see you connect with industry which could lead to your first job.

We want you to get the most out of being a member of an organisation that for the past twenty years has voiced our concerns as a collective student body and provided endless opportunities.

If you’re still unsure as to what’s happening in your hood, keep your eyes peeled on the SONA website and be sure to follow the Sona Instagram for your state.

We have some exciting events just around the corner including the Upscale design and build workshop taking place at the National Conference and the SuperStudio competition where you and 2 other SONA members can win tickets and flights to the Venice Biennale.

Don’t forget that these events are all exclusive for you. Good luck with your studies in the coming weeks and honour your mind and body with regular exercise.

Look forward to seeing you at a SONA event soon.

EmAGN & SONA Bar Tour


As part of the National Conference EDGE

The tour will take place along Palm Beach, Burleigh and Nobby’s Beach, featuring five bars with speakers discussing the venues along the way.  Tour groups will be a comfortable 20 people per group.  All groups will start and finish the night together but will embark on their own smaller group tours in between, so all can experience the larger rooftops and niche boutique bars on offer.

Participants will be communicated closer to the date with maps and venue details highlighted. A charter bus will be arranged to transport the groups on the night.

Date: Thursday 7 June
Time:  6pm – 10pm

Tickets cost: $25 for members / $45 non-members.
This ticket price includes a drink at each venue and nibbles at one venue.

Limited numbers so be quick and Register here

Living with Water event

Today, some cities suffer from rising sea-levels and unprecedented storms and flooding, while others endure drought and depleted aquifers. How can we build urban resilience in such uncertain times?”

It’s a full-day symposium on 20 March 2018, led by Foreground, in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne School of Design and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, that will bring together a series of  international and Australian experts, who will explore how design can help mediate the burgeoning new relationships between water, land and our communities.

Our international speakers include Kongjian Yu (founder of the world’s biggest landscape architecture practice and a renowned innovator in water sensitive urban design), Lykke Leonardsen (one of Copenhagen’s governmental leaders in dealing with rising seas and flooding) and Kristina Hill (Berkeley’s resident urban design and sea level rise expert).

You can read more about the program and other speakers here:

The event is primarily aimed at professionals, but we’d like to get a good quotient of students of design in the built environment in the audience, so we’d like to offer SONA members a 50% discount on ticket prices (on top of the group discount rate too, if people can buy in bulk). We have about 50 tickets available at that rate for a limited time.


What is the Environment Design Guide (EDG)?

EDG is an online journal of the Australian Institute of Architects with over 200 peer reviewed papers on various aspects of sustainability in the built environment.

EDG serves as a direct link between sound environmental design research and built environment design practitioners. Unlike other peer reviewed journals that present technical environmental design research, the target audience for EDG is primarily architects and other built environment designers.

How is EDG valuable to me as a SONA membership benefit?

Students will find access to EDG very useful when researching for projects. There are a variety of case studies available to learn from and EDG could be a useful resource for design precedents. When selecting materials for design or building technology subjects there are notes on products and materials as well as design strategies, new technologies and general information on environmental design. e.g. Construction details for cool temperate climates

Unlike some other professions, it takes a long time to fully mature as an architect because the nature of the discipline means that we need to know ‘a bit of everything’ and it takes time to accumulate this experience. For all of us and especially students and emerging design professionals, this means:

  • continually learning new design and critical thinking skills
  • learning how to ask the ‘right’ (productive) questions
  • self-directed development, without formal support

The Environment Design Guide can help with your education, continual learning and critical thinking on built environment related issues. Start using the research tools that you will use in your future profession – today!

How do I access EDG?

EDG is accessed through the Institute website ( SONA members receive full access to all peer reviewed papers and will require their membership number and password to log in.

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