Christopher Procter Prize

This prize is named after the architect and urban designer Christopher Procter who died suddenly of DVT while arriving back to Sydney in November 2018 from the USA.

Upon graduation in Adelaide in 1986 Christopher won the University of Adelaide (then South Australian Institute of Technology) Medal, the Rod Roach Design Grant and the South Australian Gas Company Prize in Architecture. These enabled him to undertake research and travel that furthered his passion for design.

Submissions for the 2020 Christopher Procter Prize were open from Monday 22 June and closed at 11:59pm on Monday 7 September 2020. The winner will be announced in November.

The jury will review submissions giving high consideration to the uncertainty of when people will again be able to travel safely and extensively and the unpredictability of travel arising from the current COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Image credit: Ethos Urban

The prize has been established for the Institute of Architects in his memory by his wife, architect Bridget Smyth, colleague architect Bill Tsakalos and sponsored by Ethos Urban, where he was a director.  The purpose of this prize is to provide an emerging architect, who has demonstrated a commitment and passion for the design of cities, with the opportunity for research based travel or study to enrich their professional development.


The award will be $5,000 towards study, travel, and research. The prize must be used within two years of receipt and the recipient will be expected to present the “Prize report” at the annual Christopher Procter Cocktail Party to be hosted by Ethos Urban and will be invited to publish their outcomes and experience in the NSW Architecture Bulletin.

Key Criteria

  1. A proposal for study or research (which may include travel) and how this will enrich professional development; and
  2. Demonstrated excellence in, and commitment to, urban design and city making in the applicant’s completed work (be it project based or written).

Submission Requirements

Submissions are to be a single PDF document, must not exceed 5MB and must include:

  1. a statement addressing the two key criteria identified above (maximum two A4 pages each including a detailed itinerary should travel be proposed).
  2. a resume (maximum four A4 pages including date of graduation).
  3. a portfolio of works: this can include built and unbuilt work (five A4 pages maximum).
  4. two references (from an employer or client).
  5. a passport sized photo of applicant.


  1. Applicants must be within 15 years of graduation.
  2. Applicants must be a current member of the Institute.
  3. Applications must be received ahead of the application deadline.

Conditions for Award of the Christopher Procter Prize

  1. A minimum of three (3) eligible entries must be received by the closing date.
  2. If less than three applications are received by the application deadline the assessment panel reserves its rights to not to award the Prize.
  3. The Prize may not be awarded if the Assessment Panel believes the entries received are of insufficient standard or do not fulfil the judging criteria.


The jury consists of:

  • NSW Chapter President/Chair of Jury or nomination
  • A representative from Ethos Urban
  • A representative from the Procter family
  • A nominated representative (by the President and family) who has demonstrated experience in Architecture and Urban Design

Previous Prize Winners

Hannah Slater, Senior Development Manager at Infrastructure NSW – Altogether now: seeking an integrated approach for urban renewal

Cities are the embodiment of life lived, of embedded memory. They tell the tale of complex histories and reflect the present state. The role of anticipating the future and determining what story these places will come to tell and how they will continue to support diverse people and communities is an important endeavor. The built environment has an enormous responsibility to connect and provide a good quality of life for all. This pursuit is one that is shared across disciplines and requires the good thinking of many – architects, urban designers, landscape designers and city planners, to produce positive outcomes.

Christopher Procter Project
Image credit: Ethos Urban

For more information regarding the Christopher Procter Prize, please contact Kat Han, Member Services Officer NSW

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