2020 Jurors

NSW Architecture Awards

Our NSW Architecture Awards and Prizes pages have moved – head to the NSW Chapter page of the Australian Institute of Architects for all information on 2021 juries here.

The call for expressions of interest to be a Jury member for the 2020 NSW Architecture Awards and the Newcastle Architecture Awards opened on 2 October and closed on Thursday 7 November at 11.59pm. A call for EOI for the 2020 Country Division Award Program took place in April 2020.

If you are interested to be a Jury member, a call for expressions of interest for the 2021 NSW Architecture Awards and the Newcastle Architecture Awards will open at the beginning of October 2020.


2020 NSW Architecture Awards

Chair of Juries
Peter Poulet FRAIA 

Public Architecture / Educational Architecture 

Chair: Laura Cockburn, Conrad Gargett
Luke Johnson, Architectus
Paulo Macchia, Government Architect NSW
Gabrielle Pelletier, Sam Crawford Architects

Commercial Architecture / Interior Architecture

Chair: Angelo Candalepas LFRAIA, Angelo Candalepas Associates
Monica Edwards, SJB
Susanne Pini, HDR

Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions) / Small Project Architecture

Chair: Shaun Carter FRAIA, CarterWilliamson
Grace Mortlock, Other Architects
Jemima Retallack, Retallack Thompson

Residential Architecture – Houses (New)

Chair: Peter Tonkin LFRAIA, TZG
Michael Bleby, The Australian Financial Review 
Qianyi Lim, Sibling Architecture
Anthony Parsons, Durbach Block Jaggers

Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing / Urban Design

Chair: Carolyn Mitchell, Carolyn Mitchell Architect   
Alexander Koll, MAKO Architecture
Frank Stanisic FRAIA, Frank Stanisic Architects
Chris Tidswell, Arcadia & National Board Director and Company Secretary of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects 


Chair: Susan O’Neill, NSW Land and Environment Court
Louise Cox LFRAIA, Louise Cox Architect
Hector Abrahams FRAIA, Hector Abrahams Architects

Sustainable Architecture 

Chair: Mary Casey, HKA
Nermine Zahran, Gensler
Marko Damic, Architectus

Enduring Architecture

Chair: Kathlyn Loseby FRAIA, NSW Chapter President
Jennifer Preston, Chair Heritage Committee, JPA & D
Susan O’Neill, NSW Land and Environment Court
Peter Salhani, Sparkkle.space 

COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture

Peter Poulet FRAIA (Chair of Juries)
Matthew Wilton, Specification Manager NSW, BlueScope
Daniel Davis, Senior Product Manager – Commercial & Civil Construction BlueScope Australian Steel Products
Laura Cockburn, Conrad Gargett
Angelo Candalepas LFRAIA, Angelo Candalepas Associates
Peter Tonkin LFRAIA, TZG
Carolyn Mitchell, Carolyn Mitchell Architect 
Susan O’Neill, NSW Land and Environment Court
Mary Casey, HKA

Blacket Prize

Peter Poulet FRAIA (Chair of Juries)
Mark Spence, Anthrosite 
Cameron Anderson, Country Division Chair 
Laura Cockburn, Conrad Gargett
Angelo Candalepas LFRAIA, Angelo Candalepas Associates
Peter Tonkin LFRAIA, TZG
Carolyn Mitchell, Carolyn Mitchell Architect 
Susan O’Neill, NSW Land and Environment Court
Mary Casey, HKA

NSW Emerging Architect Prize

Kathlyn Loseby FRAIA, NSW Chapter President
Cameron Anderson, Country Division Chair and 2019 Emerging Architect Prize winner
Jamileh Jahangiri, Cox architecture, Co-chair of the NSW Emerging Architects + Graduates Network
Tiffany Liew, Co-chair of the NSW Emerging Architects + Graduates Network

Newcastle Architecture Awards:





Chair: Sam Crawford, Sam Crawford Architects
Jodie Dixon, Jodie Dixon Architect
Mark Spence, Anthrosite 
Kerwin Datu, Architectus


2020 NSW Student Architecture Awards Jury:

Michael Wiener (Jury Chair), Mirvac Design
Dr Angelique Edmonds, University of South Australia
Jonathon Claridge, Bates Smart
Kathlyn Loseby FRAIA, NSW Chapter President
Laura Cockburn, Conrad Gargett
Tiffany Liew, Co-chair of the NSW Emerging Architects + Graduates Network

The Institute’s Architecture Awards recognise excellence and innovation in design and are conferred via a rigorous system of peer review.

In NSW, each Awards category is presided over by a jury of at least three people. Juries are comprised of Institute members appointed and convened by the Institute’s NSW Chapter Awards Committee. In addition to submitting data and images online, each project entered for consideration in the NSW Architecture Awards must be presented in person to a Jury panel. In the period immediately after Presentation to Juries, Juries will carry out site visits before compiling their shortlists.


NSW Award Jury Service – FAQ

How are award juries selected, and how do I apply?

Members of all NSW award juries, including jury chairs, are selected annually by the NSW Awards Committee. You can apply for a position on Jury by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). 

This process opens in October each year.

In Newcastle one jury considers entries across all categories. Jury members are selected by the Newcastle Division Committee following the annual EOI process. 

Jurors for the NSW Country Division Awards will be selected via an EOI that will be launched in April 2019.

A few things to note: 

  • In addition to new EOI’s each year, those who have raised interest in the last 5 years are also considered. If you have submitted previously but would prefer not to be considered, please contact the NSW Awards & Prizes Officer who can remove you from this list. If you have submitted an EOI in the last 5 years you are not required to submit again, but are welcome to do so if you wish to update your details and/or to reaffirm your interest.
  • Architects on Chapter and Regional Juries are required to be Institute members, however other experts can also be considered at the discretion of Chapter Council. 
  • Assessment of EOIs is undertaken by the NSW Awards & Honours Committee and other relevant Committees, who prepares a recommendation of appointments for the NSW Chapter Council based on the following guidelines:
    – No prior experience is required for jury positions, apart from Jury Chairs who will be selected from applicants that have previous awards jury experience.
    – For experience and continuity a maximum of two jurors from the last five years may be invited to repeat jury service. Once they have served, jurors cannot be considered for the same category jury again for a period of 5 years.
    – Juries shall reflect the make-up of the profession, with a gender balanced representation.
    – Juries shall reflect a diversity of experience.
    – The number of positions on each jury is determined by program requirements from year to year.
    – Jury appointments will be announced early 2019

What are the duties and time commitments?

The role of a NSW jury member as a whole runs from approximately March through to the beginning of July. The majority of commitment is during March and April when applicants present their entries, and projects are visited. Newcastle juror duties generally run from January through to March. 

Before accepting a place on a jury you should properly consider the time commitments of the process and key dates which are set in advance of jury selection:

NSW Architecture Awards
Presentation to Juries 23-28 March 2020
Jury site visits 27 April-1 May 2020

Newcastle Architecture Awards 
Jury site visits 13-15 February 2020

Can I still enter the awards if I’m a juror? 

Being an award juror does not preclude you or your practice from entering the awards that year, however you cannot enter into categories in which you yourself will be judging. Eg. if you were judging the category group Public Architecture/Educational Architecture you or your practice would be free to enter all other categories except these. Jurors are also responsible for declaring any conflicts of interest should these arise throughout the judging process.  

Why should I be a juror?

The awards process is a major opportunity for public and peer recognition of architects’ work, and also provides the Institute with a valuable mechanism to promote architects and architecture in the Australian and international community. Appointment as an award juror is an important role. It offers the chance to contribute to your profession, to recognise and award design excellence in the work of your peers, whilst presenting excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.

Below are some quotes from past NSW jurors on their experience:

I thoroughly enjoyed being a jury member for multi res and urban design. It’s a great way to get to know new parts of the city and state, new projects, other professionals and feel more connected to the great work happening out there. The Institute’s awards are very important to rewarding design excellence and creating an incentive for innovation for practices. 2018 NSW Awards Juror

It was a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience to be a part of the NSW Architecture Awards judging process. Having the opportunity to assess the sustainability merits of such a wide variety of projects in a condensed time period was incredibly interesting and it was a pleasure to be able to reward the top performers for their contribution to the profession. 2018 NSW Awards Juror

I found the experience to be richly rewarding and educational. To experience outstanding architecture and have the opportunity to engage in rigorous and passionate debate with fellow jurors was both stimulating and energising and fully validated my decision to be a part of the process. I relished the responsibility that comes with this important role, enjoyed every minute of it and would happily do it again. 2018 NSW Awards Juror

Participating in the 2015 NSW Architecture Awards jury was an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. Witnessing first hand the thinking, passion and tenacity that it takes to deliver an imaginative or innovative architectural project gives tremendous insight into the profession as a whole, is a great privilege. With privilege comes responsibility, and the need to negotiate a shared vision with a jury of peers is a significant element of the process. It was a great journey, and one that I recommend to those considering whether to apply or not. – Matthew Gribben, 2015 NSW Awards juror

The real surprise of being on a jury is that it is an incredible opportunity to completely live and breathe other peoples take on architecture. For a whole week you are a voyeur removed from the process – able to appreciate and be inspired by the very makings of a project.  – Emili Fox, 2014 NSW Awards juror


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