NSW Architecture Prizes

The NSW Chapter Prizes recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals and practices. Our prizes and honours celebrate a diverse array of architectural work, encompassing culture and literature, excellence in practice, emerging perspectives on design in the public realm, distinctive bodies of work by female architects, projects and practices driven to advance the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, and recognition of individuals’ contributions to the profession.

Christopher Procter Prize

This prize is named in memory of the architect and urban designer Christopher Procter. It provides an emerging architect, who has demonstrated a commitment and passion for the design of cities, with the opportunity for research based travel or study to enrich their professional development.
Submissions were open from Monday 22 June and closed at 11:59pm on Monday 7 September 2020


Marion Mahony Griffin Prize

Named for the pioneering woman architect, Marion Mahony Griffin, this prize was established to acknowledge a female in the field of architecture for a distinctive body of work, be it for their contribution to: architectural education; journalism; research; theory; professional practice; or built architectural work.
Nominations were open from Friday 6 March and closed at 11:59pm on Tuesday 15 September 2020


Adrian Ashton Prize for Architectural Culture & Literature (open for submissions)

Adrian Ashton Prize is awarded to an outstanding piece of architectural reporting and criticism. Open to journalists, editors, authors, producers and others reporting on architecture and design in NSW, the prize recognises quality communication, public engagement and high-quality debate.
Submissions are open from Tuesday 11 August and will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 22 September 2020.


The Reconciliation Prize  (open for submissions)

The Reconciliation Prize seeks to recognise architecture and professional practice in NSW which advances the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait people.
Submissions are open from Monday 27 July and will close at 11:59pm on Tuesday 6 October 2020


Best in Practice Prize (open for submissions)

The Best in Practice Prize recognises excellence in practice, with a focus on the development of supportive and inclusive workplaces and contributing to the overall success and elevation of a positive workplace culture in Architecture.

Submissions are open from Thursday 20 August and close at 11:59pm on Thursday 24 September


The Brian Patrick Keirnan Prize for Students of Architecture in NSW

Brian was a modern renaissance figure with a scholastic appreciation of art and form – all self-taught. He could walk into a space and almost immediately reimagine it’, former Prime Minister Paul Keating.

The Brian Patrick Keirnan Prize is open to students of architecture and is based on the theme of ‘Reimagining, Reinventing and Reinterpreting Public Space’. The prize is for overseas travel and research and / or overseas study to enrich professional development. Brian was a Sydney based designer who passed away in 2018.

Nominations will open in November and close in February 2021

David Lindner Prize (nominations closed)

This prize is named in memory of the architect David Lindner who disappeared whilst travelling in Iran in 1993. Initiated by David Lindner’s family as a means to honour his memory, this prize aims to inspire graduates and emerging architects to engage in important and challenging design issues involving the public realm through a funded body of research.
Submissions were open from Thursday 21 May and closed Thursday 9 July 2020

NSW President’s Prize

This prize is awarded at the discretion of the NSW Chapter President and is given to an individual who has made a substantial contribution to the profession of architecture.

2021 NSW Enduring Architecture (nominations open)

Open to buildings of at least 25 years of age, the Enduring Architecture Award recognises achievement for the design of buildings of outstanding merit, which remain important as high quality works of architecture when considered in a contemporary context. Nominations are welcome from Institute members, non-members and non-architects, but must provide adequate content for consideration by the jury.
Submissions are open from Friday 3 July 2020 and close Friday 9 April 2021


The following Prizes are selected from all eligible entrants to the main NSW Architecture Awards program, and no separate entry or nomination is required.

NSW Architecture Medallion
The highest honour awarded by the NSW Chapter. The NSW Architecture Medallion is selected by the Jury Chairs from the field of Named Award winners across all categories.

2020 – Phoenix Central Park | Durbach Block Jaggers with John Wardle Architects 
2019 – Maitland Riverlink | CHROFI with McGregor Coxall
2018 – Joynton Avenue Creative Precinct by Peter Stutchbury Architecture in association with Design 5 – Architects for City of Sydney

City of Sydney Lord Mayor’s Prize for Design Excellence
The City of Sydney Lord Mayor’s Prize is awarded to a project that improves the quality of the public domain through architectural or urban design excellence. The project is to be located within the City of Sydney local government area, and may be for or include public art. The project team should include a member of the Australian Institute of Architects. A shortlist is to be compiled from entrants in the NSW Architecture Awards by the City of Sydney Council’s Director of City Planning, Development and Transport. Eligible entries can be from all categories, except single residential dwelling houses and residential alterations and additions. The Lord Mayor selects the winner from the shortlist.

Blacket Prize
Established 1984 Awarded to a project situated in country New South Wales that promotes design excellence in a regional context. This Prize was named for the 19 century architect Edmund Blacket whose picturesque Gothic Revival style churches can still be found in many country towns.
This regional prize is awarded to a project situated in the area encompassed by the Newcastle & Country Divisions. It is judged by Jury Chairs in consultation with Country and Newcastle Division Committees.

NSW Premier’s Prize This prize is awarded by the NSW Premier from a shortlist of projects selected by the NSW Government Architect which are of benefit to the people of NSW – whether they be educational, cultural, transport or accommodation facilities.


Emerging Architect Prize
The Emerging Architect Prize
recognises an emerging architect or architectural collaboration’s contribution to architectural practice, education, design excellence and community involvement that advances the profession’s standing in the public arena.
Nominees can either put themselves forward with a self-nomination, or can be a nomination made by a member of the Australian Institute of Architects. Nominated candidates will be invited to continue with the submission. Should they wish to accept the nomination, the nominee will be asked to submit the entry material listed on this webpage via the online entry system. Winners at a Chapter level proceed to be considered for the National Emerging Architects Prize.